Real Estate

Buying a home? Refinancing your current home? Getting a construction loan? Residential or commercial, we can help with your loan closing.

We handle over 200 closings a year - from the simple cash purchase to more complex commercial loans.

I Have An Agreement Of Sale. Should I Have An Attorney Review It?

You should definitely have an attorney review your agreement of sale before you sign it so there is no confusion regarding the terms of the sale.

What Happens Once I'm Approved For The Loan?

After the bank has approved your loan, the next step is to find an attorney to handle your closing.

How Do I Get An Attorney?

The bank will give you a list of attorneys who they approve. Once you select your attorney, the bank will notify them. Our firm follows the Best Practices Guidelines of the American Land Title Association and we are approved attorneys for most major and local banks and lenders.

What Does The Attorney Do?

Once we get the banks instructions, we order a title search of the property you are buying or refinancing. This tells us if there are outstanding liens against your property - mortgages, tax liens, financing statements, etc., that will have to be cleared up. The search also reveals if there are any recorded rights of way, easements, leases or agreements of any kind that you should be aware of. We order lien and tax certificates for the property.

What Is Title Insurance And Do I Need It?

Title insurance is insurance to protect your ownership of the house and the land the house is on. Title companies search all documents that were recorded against the house to make sure that there aren't any outstanding liens against the property or there weren't any gaps in the deeds

If the bank requires title insurance on your loan, we are able to issue that in house. We are agents for First American Title Insurance and Approved Attorneys for Old Republic Title Agency.

What Is A Closing And Where Do We Have It?

The closing is when all parties in the transaction meet and sign all the documents needed to sell or refinance a property. After we send the lender the initial information they request, we coordinate with all the parties - Buyers, Lenders, Realtors, Sellers - to set a closing date.

We prepare the Closing Disclosure Form and work with the Lender to make sure everything is complete.

At the time of the closing, which can be held at our office or at the bank, all documents are signed and notarized and checks disbursed. The deed and/or mortgage and any other documents required are then recorded with the Recorder of Deeds.