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Experienced guidance for car accident victims

Open the door, turn the keys, hit the road, arrive at your destination - it's the same day after day. Unfortunately, that simple routine can be shattered in an instant when a negligent driver causes a serious car accident. With the physical and mental anguish in involved, handling the aftermath of these types of incidents is not recommended. Instead, seeking the assistance of an experience attorney can help you proceed in a positive manner.

Common mistakes while filing a workers’ compensation claim

If you believe one of the many myths surrounding Pennsylvania workers’ compensation, those misconceptions can cost you. Some employers or their insurance companies misunderstand their own plans, or intentionally try to mislead their employees to intimidate them and prevent them from filing a claim.

If you or a loved one needs to file a workers’ compensation claim, don’t fall prey to these common mistakes.

Workplace hazards are a problem in hospitals

Hospitals should be a place where injuries and illnesses are cured. Unfortunately, for the staff, they are where injuries and illnesses begin.

Even compared to industries that are commonly deemed unsafe, such as construction or manufacturing, hospitals remain one of the most hazardous places to work. U.S. hospitals recorded 6.8 work-related injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time employees, nearly twice the rate of all private industries.

Head-on motor vehicle accidents often lead to fatalities

When drivers in Uniontown and throughout Fayette County are on the road, the last thing they are expecting is to be in a crash. Although it is always a possibility, there is a belief that simply paying attention to the road, adhering to the rules and being as safe as possible will prevent motor vehicle accidents and their aftermath. Unfortunately, this is not the case. One of the worst kinds of motor vehicle accidents is a head-on collision. For those who have been injured or lost a loved one in one of these accidents, it is crucial to understand how to pursue compensation through a legal filing.

A two-vehicle accident claimed the life of a 68-year-old man. The accident occurred shortly after 12 p.m. when a Ford truck with a car trailer attachment heading east went over the center line into the westbound lane and into the path of the deceased man's vehicle. When emergency personnel arrived, they declared the man dead. The driver of the truck was a 50-year-old man. Charges have not been filed. The investigation is ongoing.

Injured contractors should consider workers' compensation

In Uniontown and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, construction work is a common way for people to earn a living. This can be through employment directly for a construction company or as a contractor. Regardless of the employment arrangement, given the nature of the work, it is important for these hard workers to understand the dangers they face with every task and project and know how workers' compensation can help them. Although most cases are smooth and the benefits are provided without issue, there can be complications and it will become necessary to have legal assistance to get the workers' compensation benefits. Knowing which lawyer to call is key.

Two contractors who were working on a pipeline were injured on the job. The accident occurred at night after 11 p.m. The workers, a male and female, were in the process of pulling equipment through the pipeline when it hit them. The equipment they were using is referred to as a pig. It cleans the interior of a pipeline. The woman received medical treatment and was released. The man broke his arm and was admitted to the hospital. He was said to be in stable condition. There have been previous incidents at that location with one in which construction was stopped for a month because there were permit violations. A hefty fine was given. The incident is being investigated by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents common at one intersection

Motor vehicle accidents can happen at any location in Uniondale. These can involve vehicles crashing into one another, a crash between a vehicle and a bicyclist or a motor vehicle hitting a pedestrian. For people who are in one of these accidents, it can cause significant life changes with long-term damage, medical costs, lost wages and the need for extensive care, perhaps for the rest of their life. There can even be fatalities. While the randomness of a motor vehicle crash could lead to the perception that they happen in different areas, there are specific spots where it is known to be risky, especially for pedestrians. Those injured in this or any location should remember their rights to compensation in a legal filing.

The intersection of Fayette Street had two accidents in which pedestrians were hit by cars in two days. This adds to the anecdotal evidence of the location's danger with people saying how vehicles speed by. The intersection, known as 5 Corners, is heavy with traffic and poses risk for people who are not only driving, but walking as well. Law enforcement says there have been 20 motor vehicle accidents at that location since the beginning of 2018. Three involved vehicles and pedestrians. These incidents have come in recent weeks. Although the two who were in the most recent accidents are expected to be fine, a man who was hit one month before was not so lucky and died. Law enforcement is taking steps to get drivers to reduce speed at that intersection.

Understanding worker's compensation and wage-loss in Pennsylvania

Regardless of the type of work a person does in Pennsylvania, there is always a chance that there will be injuries or illnesses because of the work. When this happens and the person needs medical treatment and cannot get back on the job, it is important to know the details of how to get worker's compensation and what benefits are available. One part of worker's compensation that should be understood from the start is wage-loss.

When a person has been injured on the job and is seeking worker's compensation, wage-loss payments are available. To get wage-loss payments, the worker will not receive the payments until he or she has been disabled and it has lasted for more than seven calendar days. On the eighth day, they can get wage-loss payments. Workers need not worry about those first seven days if the injury lasts for 14 days. Once the worker has been out for 14 days, those payments from the first seven days will be retroactive.

Pre-existing conditions amplify severity of car accident injuries

If you already had a bad back, getting rear-ended was the last thing you needed. Pre-existing conditions like these can oftentimes be aggravated by a car accident.

But you may feel confused about whether an amplified injury counts as a new injury — even though it certainly feels like a new injury. Here are a few tips for those who’ve had a condition worsen after an accident.

Taking action after an injury occurs at work

Most people in Pennsylvania don't work in careers in which they are likely to suffer from an injury. However, those who do work in those types of careers may be a bit confused about their options directly in the aftermath of a workplace injury. The most important thing to remember in this type of situation is that it is often crucial to take action as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, taking immediate action may not always be as easy as one might think. If an injury occurs at work in Pennsylvania, the injured person will likely be qualified to receive workers' compensation benefits. The downside to the process of applying for those benefits is that it often seem daunting. That is why it helps to have the right information about the intricacies of the process as well as all the available options.

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