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Pre-existing conditions amplify severity of car accident injuries

If you already had a bad back, getting rear-ended was the last thing you needed. Pre-existing conditions like these can oftentimes be aggravated by a car accident.

But you may feel confused about whether an amplified injury counts as a new injury — even though it certainly feels like a new injury. Here are a few tips for those who’ve had a condition worsen after an accident.

Taking action after an injury occurs at work

Most people in Pennsylvania don't work in careers in which they are likely to suffer from an injury. However, those who do work in those types of careers may be a bit confused about their options directly in the aftermath of a workplace injury. The most important thing to remember in this type of situation is that it is often crucial to take action as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, taking immediate action may not always be as easy as one might think. If an injury occurs at work in Pennsylvania, the injured person will likely be qualified to receive workers' compensation benefits. The downside to the process of applying for those benefits is that it often seem daunting. That is why it helps to have the right information about the intricacies of the process as well as all the available options.

Pursuing a claim after an injury from a defective product

When Pennsylvania residents are injured in an accident, most people probably think of car accidents as the cause. However, each year thousands of people are injured in a number of other different ways, including injuries caused by defective products. Anyone who is injured in this manner may be able to pursue a claim under "products liability" law.

In pursuing such a claim, the injured party - the "plaintiff" - will be, in essence, attempting to prove that the designer or manufacturer of the product in question, or the retailer that sold it, is responsible for the plaintiff's injuries. Claims of design and manufacturing defects, or of marketing defects, are the main paths to pursue in a products liability claim.

Collision in Pennsylvania leaves school bus driver dead

Most of our readers in Pennsylvania are probably used to seeing the aftermath of car accidents on the side of the road, particularly around rush hour. After all, "fender benders" are fairly common. However, the sad reality is that deadly, multi-vehicle crashes are not all that uncommon either. One such recent accident resulted in the death of a school bus driver.

A recent report states that on September 18, around 3:40pm, a multi-vehicle crash occurred in nearby Rayne. Apparently, a vehicle was stopped to make a turn when a pickup truck slammed into the stopped vehicle. The pickup truck then careened into oncoming traffic in the other lane, smashing almost head-on into the school bus. Fortunately, there were no children aboard the school bus at the time of the crash.

What should you know about workers' compensation?

Millions of workers throughout the country, including in Pennsylvania, are employed in positions that come with an inherent level of risk each day on the job. Industrial and construction workers, for example, are seemingly more prone to suffer injuries in accidents that occur on-the-job. Public safety workers are oftentimes in the line of danger as well. When individuals are injured at work, the results can be hard to face alone. So, what should our readers in Pennsylvania know about workers' compensation?

For starters, it is important to understand that nearly every employee in Pennsylvania is likely eligible for workers' compensation benefits under certain circumstances, although there are some exceptions. For the most part, if you suffered an injury or contract an illness due to on-the-job responsibilities, you are likely eligible to receive workers' compensation benefits.

Labor Day report demonstrates holiday driving dangers

Labor Day weekend marks a special occasion for many Pennsylvania residents. Most workers get a free day off on Monday and use it to host a backyard barbecue or travel to an out-of-state friend or family member’s house. It is also some of the last days of summer vacation before children head back to school, so they want to make their last weekend memorable before the kids head back to study.

Unfortunately for some residents, it was their last weekend alive. As many companies in the nation celebrate Labor Day, thousands of families that travel on the road risk of getting in a car accident. A recent report from the Pennsylvania state police shows how just getting one day off can put so many motorists in peril.

Know your options in a personal injury lawsuit

Being in an accident can be frightening for any Pennsylvania resident, but the days, weeks, months and even years afterward can be difficult as well when the accident victim suffers a significant injury. Whether it was a car accident, a workplace accident or an accident caused by a defective product, among many other causes, a personal injury can seriously disrupt a person's life.

The law provides an option for those who have been injured in an accident due to another party's negligence. A personal injury lawsuit could help the accident victim seek financial compensation from the party who caused the accident. For instance, in a car accident, the lawsuit would likely be filed against the other driver. Or, in a workplace accident, perhaps the defendant would be the person's employer. One of the first steps in any personal injury lawsuit is to identify the true party at fault.

Safety Net

Several weeks ago, I published a blog article, "An Ounce of Prevention." The primary goal of the article was to encourage people to view automobile insurance differently. Not out of fear of being sued as big insurance would have them think, but from the perspective of prevention. In the legal sense, prevention occurs when you purchase the proper automobile insurance coverages to protect you and your family if injured by the negligence of another driver or, perhaps worse case scenario, the negligence of an uninsured or underinsured driver. I think of insurance in this context as providing a safety net. 

As teens head to school, they should avoid distracted driving

Young people from kindergarten-age to college-age have been heading back to school in recent weeks. While most are probably lamenting the end of summer, it can be an exciting time as well. But, with the end of summer vacation, that means that many more younger drivers, especially teenage drivers, are going to be on the roads again. High schoolers and college students alike should remember to avoid using their cellphones or engaging in any other distracting conduct while driving.

A recent report noted that it seems like cellphones are the top distraction for young drivers. Well, cellphones may even be the main distraction for all drivers these days, as the number of Americans who own "smartphones" has skyrocketed in recent years. The recent report stressed the main thing that drivers should be sure of when it comes to operating a motor vehicle: paying attention.

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