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Injured in a car accident? Your negligence may lower your payout

Injuries sustained in a car accident may prove lift-altering. You may be unable to work and incapable of providing for your family—all due to the inattention of another driver.

But what if you also failed to make a complete stop at the stop sign, ignored the red light or chose not to follow speed regulations? In Pennsylvania, a court may cite your own negligence in a personal injury case. It proves essential to consistently pay attention while driving to receive full compensation in a devastating accident.

An Ounce of Prevention

Benjamin Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?" How many times did your mother warn you with that very statement? Of course, she was talking about your health - eating well, getting enough rest, perhaps using sun screen, and avoiding junk food. If modern medicine has taught us anything, it has taught us that Mom and Ben were right.

When people call an attorney, they believe they may have a serious legal problem. Usually, when clients come to visit us, it is when they are faced with a perceived or real legal crises. People don't think about prevention when it comes to lawyers and legal advice. If I might borrow from Mick Jagger, "Old habits die hard."

Temps don’t have to be scorching for workers to face heat risks

Among the dangers outdoor workers can face during the summer are heat stroke risks. Heat stroke can have major impacts on workers. It could leave them needing significant medical care and having to take time away from work. Significant workers’ comp issues can come up for workers in connection to these effects.

Heat stroke can even have the potential to take workers’ lives.

Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer When You Are Injured

Too often injured people think they can handle the case by themselves. Their injuries, they think, are not that serious and, after all, they have insurance. The insurance company will negotiate with them and they will get a fair settlement. They are often wrong! 

Power of SORNA

by Mere Davis


Currently 3 territories, 63 tribes, and 17 states have adopted SORNA (Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.) Many people feel enhancing Megan's law with SORNA is a big step in the right direction for making our Country a safer place. Others feel that the punishments are too severe for sex offenders. It's true that having SORNA actively enforced means convicted sexual offenders and pedophiles will have very little privacy. Some people feel that this isn't enough of a punishment for sex offenders; others feel that convicted Sex Offenders deserve the same amount of privacy as those who haven't committed these crimes. They also believe that several people who are registered sex offenders shouldn't be required to have their sentenced increased. Right now, convicted sex offenders rarely get up to 15 years in prison. So, what exactly does SORNA entail? Are that many changes being made in the American legal system? Why are children and human rights activist's making this such a big ordeal? And why are many criminal defense attorneys against enhancing child protective laws?

Protecting our Children Part l

by Mere Davis 

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For many, it seems like a fairy tale--having children and watching them grow. but soon a fairy tale may become a nightmare when questions of "what if" come to mind. "What if I can't protect my child--what if someone hurts them?" The sad truth is, many people don't get to watch their children grow. Several children are victims of acts of pedophilia--which often ends in death. To kill a child? For most of us it's unfathomable. But the reality is, those who do not have a voice will always be an easy target for evil. So how do we protect our children from the act of pedophiles? Surely we can't be with them every minute of every day. What are laws that protect our children? And, are they enough?

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