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Nursing Home Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements

When it comes to admitting yourself or a loved one into a nursing home, it’s never easy. The last thing that you are worried about is which documents you should or should not sign.

One thing that will often be given to you during the admission process is a “Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreement.” This is an agreement that takes away your right to hold the nursing home accountable in court for any wrongdoing or negligence.

First off, it’s important to know that “disputes,” meaning “events in which one is harmed,” are not bound to happen in nursing homes. But if they do –– you deserve the right to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Disputes may include: 

  • Having money or belongings stolen.  
  • Developing bed sores or bruises. 
  • Injuries resulting from falls, including broken bones or fractures. 
  • Being given the wrong dosage of medication or missed medication. 
  • Any other form of neglect. 
  • Being sexually harassed and/or assaulted by a staff member or resident/visitor. Please remember: the definitions of sexual harassment and assault are broad and can include any type of inappropriate speech, touching, or behavior.
  • Being physically or mentally abused by staff or other residents. This includes teasing, name calling, and bullying.

When completing the intake paperwork, this agreement is often easy to miss, so it is important that you look through the contract carefully. Regardless of what the staff is telling you, we cannot stress enough: 

  • You do not have to sign this agreement. 
  • If you have already signed this agreement, you have 30 days to rescind. 
  • It is illegal for a nursing home to deny you discharge or admission if you choose not to sign it.

If you have already signed this contract and have concerns, please contact our office.

We have been representing clients who have been injured or neglected in nursing homes since 1976 and we would be honored to represent you or your loved one.

Davis and Davis
“ A Team Of Professionals Working For You!”

No Fault Divorce

When we opened our offices 45 years ago in 1976 the only way to obtain a divorce in Pennsylvania was to prove that you were entitled to a divorce.  The law then stated that one seeking a divorce had to be free from any fault and that their spouse had to have committed a crime and been sentenced to prison, or committed adultery or various other serious violations of moral and ethical standards.  There, existed then a catch-all: your spouse had to be guilty of “general indignities”, that is, he or she, had caused you, by their conduct, to believe that the love and affection had gone out of the marriage and had been replaced by “ hate and estrangement”.  These indignities had to be testified to before a court appointed Master, who had to write a report.  If your spouse didn’t want a divorce, it was very difficult to get one!

The law changed in 1980 and since that time people have the right to obtain a divorce without having to prove that they are free from fault or that there spouse is guilty of fault.  Since 1980 you can obtain a divorce on “no fault” grounds which means that a married person must allege that the marriage is broken.  The divorce is easier and faster if both parties agree, but even if no agreement is reached and it takes a little longer, a divorce will be granted.  If you have come to the conclusion that your marriage is broken, we can help you move on with your life.  Call for an appointment.

Davis and Davis, a team of professionals, working for you!  Since 1976.

Firearms Training and Education: Is it Needed?

Getting a drivers license can be one of the happiest times in someone life. Finally you are free! But, it isn’t an easy process.

For some who struggle with anxiety and learning disabilities, getting your divers license can be one of the most difficult tasks–and for good reason.

Each time you get behind the wheel you are putting your life and others lives in danger.

For Pennsylvania, drivers license steps are as followed:

  • Step 1. Pass an approved Pennsylvania Drivers Education Program.
  • Step 2. Get your Pennsylvania learners permit.
  • Step 3. Be in procession of your learners permit for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Step 4. Apply for a Pennsylvania Juniors License.
  • Step 5. Pass an approved Pennsylvania drivers ed program.

Wow that’s a lot! I’m getting anxiety as I write this.

For many people maintaining a license to carry a concealed weapon is a happy time as well!

The steps however, are not that difficult— and unfortunately there isn’t any training necessary.

In order to maintain a License to carry a firearm in Pennsylvania, you must be:

  • 21 years of age.
  • a resident of PA.
  • have no criminal record.

What are your thoughts on weapon training?

We’d love to hear your feedback: would training reduce accidents and gun violence?

Experience Counts

You and your spouse have come to the place where all you can agree on is that the marriage is over. No need to lay blame, and you both tried, but now is the time to move on. You want to get this over with as soon as possible and you do not know where to start or who to turn to. So many questions: What about the children? Child support? How about the house? The pensions and 401K’s? The cars and insurance? Money in the bank? And the debts?

We here at Davis and Davis have been preparing for your case by reading and studying the law and representing people faced with the problems you are now facing since 1976. We will listen carefully to your concerns and advise you of what needs to be done and more importantly we will get the work done and be with you from the beginning to the end.

Divorce is not easy. It is difficult on all involved. When you need answers and action remember this: EXPERIENCE COUNTS. Seek legal advice and representation from lawyers who have been there and done that for 45 years and counting! If the time has come, come to us!

Davis and Davis-A Team of Professionals Representing YOU!

Common Signs of Stress and Anxiety in Our Children

The stress of a divorce can really take a toll on children and teens; change of appetite, lack of sleep, acting out: these are a few common signs of stress and anxiety in our children.

What can we do to make sure we are handling these problems in an effective and positive way?

Whether to address a change of appetite in our child can be very tricky. With America’s toxic diet culture, obsession with the scale, and “before and after” photos taking over social media—it’s hard to remember that bringing attention to weight or body image can be very damaging.

Registered dietitian Emily Reilly, whose expertise includes disordered eating, says, “Rather than focusing or commenting on the food directly, try asking your child about how he/she is feeling. Because the change in appetite is likely a reflection of how the child is managing his/her emotions, allowing space to talk about feelings addresses the core issue rather than an observed ‘symptom’ of the problem. It also sends a message to the child that his/her emotions are important and that it's okay to talk about them. It's also important to not identify foods as either ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ as this type of food judgement can lead to self-judgement and shame. Remember, whether the child is eating more or less than usual, food is not the main issue.”

What should we do, as parents, if lack of sleep, acting out, and other forms of anxiety are being shown?

“One of the best things a parent can do for their children during a divorce is to keep the lines of communication open,” explains Doria Miller, LCSW. “Checking in regularly and making it clear that they can come to you with whatever they may be feeling is crucial. It’s also important not to fall into the trap of assuming you know how they feel. If you assume that they don’t want to talk, or assume that they’re ok, that won’t leave space for you to continue to see how their feelings change throughout the process. More than anything, they just want to know that they are loved and that they will still be able to have relationships with both of their parents.”

No matter how our children may be displaying or hiding their emotions, communication is a good place to start when it comes to protecting our children’s mental health.

But remember—in order to take care of our kids, we must take care of ourselves.

At Davis and Davis we have been representing clients for domestic issues, including divorce and custody, since 1976, and we are only a phone call away!

For information on professional therapy click here.

Doria Miller, LCSW

Emily Reilly, RD

Stress on Children During a Divorce

Divorce is very stressful for anyone—add in a pandemic:  stress increases immensely.

We tend to overlook signs of stress in children. And often because they are easy to miss.

For years we were taught that children were feeling depressed or anxious during their parent’s separation, because they were confused or sad due to their family no longer living in the same house.

That is very true. However, several medical professionals today explain that conflict between parents is the number one reason that causes anxiety during a divorce or unhappy marriage. In reality, divorce can often be best option for a child’s wellbeing.

What are some signs of anxiety, and how do we make sure we are looking out for them?

  • Change of appetite is probably the number one overlooked sign of anxiety in a child. A child eating more than usual, or not eating at all is usually emotional eating. Remember the worst thing any caregiver can do is deprive food or label foods as unhealthy or healthy
  • Lack of sleep: children who are restless and anxious at bedtime maybe struggling with stress. Try your best to be very positive before bedtime. Read a story or practice meditation.
  • Acting out: When children hit, talk back or act angry to their loved ones, it’s usually because they are in pain. When setting boundaries, make sure their feelings are being validated. There is a fine line between fearing your parent and respecting them.

What are some other ways to help with a child’s anxiety when their parents decide on

separation? We have spoken to some medical professionals that have provided us with detailed ways to help your children’s stress level, which we will list on our next post.

Remember, we are not therapists—but one thing we are entirely sure of: it’s important to speak highly of the other parent. In the past we have found it to be very damaging when a parent is speaking ill of the other––no matter how angry you are at your child’s parent, say only positive things about them.

Now, how to make sure it is not impossible to do that? Hire attorneys who are experienced in divorce and custody. At Davis and Davis we have been helping families since 1976 and we are here to help you.   

Should You Buy A New Home Now?

The Pandemic has caused us all chaos and uncertainty. Our first instinct would probably be to stay put and stay the course. Don’t make changes and weather the storm. This thing has got to end sometime! Well for home buyers the time to buy a home may never be better.  Interest rates are very low.  Home loan assistance by way of grants is available and home prices are steady. The down side is that there are not many homes, especially in a rural county like Fayette, available. When you can work from home and have the beauty of our mountains, parks, bike paths, streams and rivers at your fingertips this place is as attractive as any. The statistics bear this out. Home sales in our area, by any metric are up and there is no slow down in sight.  

If you are in the market we can help with all your home buying legal needs.  We will prepare a sales agreement and be there with you when it’s time to close the deal.  We have been assisting both buyers and sellers of homes and real estate of all sizes and shapes for 45 years and we will be glad to help you. Call us today!  And yes the Pandemic will end and better days are around the corner!

Davis and Davis
A team of Professionals Working for You and Your Family!!

It is Important to Write a Will

It has been said that a Will is the most important document that most people will ever write.  When you have acquired assets through years of hard work you want a say in who benefits from your labor after you are gone.  The only way to insure that your wishes are fulfilled is to write a Will.  If you don’t then the state laws where you live will determine who gets your property and conceivably all your work  may benefit people who are not in your life, instead of going to people you choose. 

A will is not hard to compose and you can do it yourself, but most experts say that in order to avoid mistakes, you should see a lawyer.   Your lawyer will also discuss with you other documents that are important, such as a “living will” and a “durable power of attorney”.  You will be surprised at how simple and easy it is to accomplish this task and the costs are truly affordable.  We at Davis and Davis have been helping people with their legal needs, including preparing Wills and Estate Planning, since 1976 and we would be honored to help you or your loved ones. 

Call for an appointment!

Limited Tort & You Didn't Know It

You have been injured in an automobile accident only to learn a few days later that you had selected or are covered by limited-tort insurance. The revelation that you selected limited tort may occur when you visit an attorney who informs you or when you receive a telephone call from an insurance adjuster who has reviewed your declaration page or insurance coverage sheet. In many cases, when one learns that they had selected limited tort, they immediately draw the conclusion that they cannot make a claim against the at-fault driver. Such a conclusion that limited tort prevents a claim against the at-fault driver is, in many cases, incorrect. Unfortunately, many lawyers inexperienced in automobile accident litigation, assume, except in the most serious injury cases, that limited-tort coverage prevents an innocent and injured person from making a claim.

Over the years I have strenuously advised clients, and anyone else who would listen, against the selection of limited-tort automobile insurance, I have found, in many instances, the innocent limited-tort driver can pursue a claim for personal injury against the at-fault driver and ultimately that driver's insurance company. To pursue such a claim requires an experienced automobile accident attorney who can first investigate whether the insurance company has proper
documentation that the client had selected limited tort and in many cases such documentation cannot be produced by the insurance company. If limited-tort documentation is produced by the client's insurance coverage, then a thorough review of the nature of the injuries sustained and the treatment required must be made. This may take time as the extent of the injuries may not become obvious for many months after the initial injuries. Also, doctors experienced in treating traumatic injuries must be consulted so that the proper medical examination and diagnosis can be made.

The rush to judgment that limited tort means a claim cannot be made against the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company is, in many cases, wrong and results in many injured victims never receiving just compensation. Such a rush to judgment is exactly what the insurance company wants and expects.

The take away from all of this is simple. If you have been injured in an accident , speak to an experienced automobile accident attorney and not a secretary or an answering service for a TV law firm. At our office, I speak personally with persons who have selected limited tort, explain the procedure that I believe should be followed , and fully investigate the limited-tort coverage as well as the injuries sustained.

If you have been injured in an accident , and come to learn that you have selected limited tort insurance, don't assume that a claim cannot be pursued against the responsible driver and the driver 's insurance company. Call our law firm and discuss these issues and your concerns with me or one of my partners.

Workers' Compensation and Complication of an Underinsured Motorist Claim

My previous blog addressed, in part, the challenges an injured worker faces when injured as a result of an automobile accident which occurs in the course of his or her employment. The injured worker must navigate Pennsylvania's Workers ' Compensation System while at the same time may be forced to also navigate Pennsylvania's Civil Court System.

The Workers ' Compensation Judicial System is somewhat unique and, although designed to benefit the Worker, does present a number of challenges which differ in many ways from Pennsylvania 's Civil Court System. Any injured worker , particularly one that has sustained a serious injury, would be wise to engage counsel who is experienced in both Workers' Compensation and Automobile Injury Litigation. Typically, if the injured worker resides in Fayette or Greene County, the Workers ' Compensation case would likely be heard in Uniontown , Pennsylvania where a Workers' Compensation Office is maintained. If the worker resides in Washington County, the case would be heard in the office located in Washington. In my estimation, this is quite beneficial to the injured worker as the Workers' Compensation Judges assigned to Fayette, Greene, and Washington Counties are quite experienced and enjoy reputations of being fair, competent, and efficient. As for the Civil claim, the worker could pursue these claims in the county where the accident occurred or the residence of the responsible driver. If the accident occurred or the responsible driver resides in Fayette, Greene , or Washington Counties, then the claim can be pursued in that County's Court. The Civil Court Systems in these three counties are extremely efficient, fair, and just. Unfortunately , the reputation of the legal systems in counties such as Fayette, Greene, and Washington , tend to be a poor representation of reality . The Workers' Compensation System and Civil Litigation Systems in these counties have been poorly portrayed in the Pittsburgh market , and this portrayal is quite unjust, unrealistic , and patently unfair. The injured worker , injured in Fayette, Washington, or Greene Counties , should be confident that he or she, with proper representation , will receive a just and fair result in both the Workers' Compensation Claim and the Automobile Accident Claim.

As we outlined previously , the challenges and conflicts can be daunting , but can be overcome with an attorney experienced in both Workers' Compensation and Motor Vehicle Litigation. One area that tends to add to the complication , is whether the injured worker can pursue an underinsured motorist claim as a result of the injuries and damages sustained. Underinsured Motorist is insurance coverage which provides benefits to a person injured in a motor vehicle accident when the insurance coverage for the responsible driver is insufficient (not enough coverage) to fairly and fully compensate the injured victim. In Pennsylvania, the first level of underinsured motorist coverage would be that provided on the insurance policy issued to the vehicle that the injured worker operated or occupied at the time of the collision . If the vehicle is owned by the injured worker 's employer, it is subject to a claim for reimbursement (subrogation) from the Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier. This right of subrogation for the Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier generally does not apply to any underinsurance recovery received from the employee's personal automobile insurance coverage or any other underinsured motorist coverage provided other than that of the employer. Subrogation is nothing more than a requirement that the Workers' Compensation Carrier, which has paid benefits to the injured worker, has a right to receive some reimbursement from the recovery made by the injured worker. First, from the insurance carrier of the responsible operator and, thereafter, from underinsured motorist insurance benefits paid through motor vehicle insurance issued to the injured worker' s employer. As indicated earlier, this generally does not apply to any other underinsured motorist benefits paid to the injured worker. Those underinsured motorist benefits would not be subject to the Workers' Compensation Carrier's right of subrogation, i.e. reimbursement.

The Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier's right of subrogation can develop into quite a contentious problem when the injured worker has sustained a serious injury, is disabled for an extended period of time, and is forced to undergo extensive medical care. The Workers' Compensation Insurance Carrier will naturally seek to shift the cost to the automobile insurance carrier for the responsible driver and possibly the underinsured motorist carrier. This is one of the reasons the injured worker needs to engage the services of an attorney experienced in both Workers' Compensation and Automobile Accident Litigation.

Automobile Accident and Work Injury

The Pennsylvania Worker's Compensation System is designed to provide wage benefits, known as indemnity benefits , and medical benefits to any person injured in the course of his or her employment. The system creates a completely separate judicial system to resolve any disputes concerning the work injury and the benefits the injured worker may be entitled to. The ideal of Pennsylvania 's Worker 's Compensation System is in many respects quite noble. However , for anyone injured, the realty of the system may be quite different than what the worker was led to expect.

When the worker is injured in an auto accident in the course of his or her employment, the situation for the injured worker becomes that much more complicated. Not only is the worker forced to deal with the Worker's Compensation System and a Worker's Compensation Claims Adjuster , but also, depending on the motor vehicle that he or she was operating when injured, may have to deal with several automobile insurance adjusters. This presents numerous challenges for the injured worker who must navigate through the two systems, Worker's Compensation and automobile accident litigation.

The injured worker must prove, in the Worker's Compensation context , that he or she was injured in the course of employment. That the medical expenses incurred are for treatment for injuries which were sustained in the incident. Often, the Worker 's Compensation Claims Adjuster will challenge the cause of the injury and further challenge whether the worker is disabled from work. An issue could arise concerning

light-duty or limited-duty employment due to the restrictions placed on the injured worker by the treating physician. The complications mount as the injured worker must treat with a doctor listed on the employer 's "panel" of approved doctors during the first three months after the injury. There are exceptions if the injury is such that the doctor on the panel is not qualified to treat that type of injury or if a significant emergency existed at the time of the auto accident and injury. The employer could choose to pay out-of-pocket for a doctor but that would be an extremely unusual occurrence. Needless to say, the doctors on the panel may feel pressure to "get the employee back to work and/or limit the treatment." The employee , if he or she owns a personal motor vehicle, would be governed by the torts election (limited or full) which the employee had selected when purchasing automobile insurance. In addition , assuming the employee was not at fault in the accident, any recovery against the other driver's insurance will result in what is known as subrogation by the Worker's Compensation insurance company wherein the funds paid to the injured employee , either through indemnity benefits or medical benefits , must be "paid back" to the Worker 's Compensation insurance carrier. This right of subrogation is statutory in nature and will force the employee who, if successful in obtaining recovery from the responsible driver's automobile insurance company , must then negotiate with the Worker's Compensation adjuster the amount of subrogation which must paid. This will ultimately result in a negative impact on any recovery the injured worker would make from the automobile insurance carrier and possibly future workers compensation benefits.

This gets more and more complicated when you consider the property damage either to the employer's vehicle or the injured worker's vehicle. The potential for what is known as wrap-around , first-party wage benefits, which might be available to the employee on his or her personal policy depending on the coverage selected, and the obvious conflicts which tend to arise between the Worker 's Compensation insurance carrier and the automobile insurance carriers.

The best advice for anyone injured at work is to promptly contact an attorney experienced in Worker 's Compensation Law and, in the event the injury arises from an auto accident , contact an attorney who practices both Worker's Compensation and Auto Accident Law. The sooner that phone call is made, and the sooner advice is sought and received, the better the outcome for the injured worker.

The Future of ARD in Pennsylvania

On May 20, 2020, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania decided the criminal cases of Igor Chichkin and Lisa Roche. The issue in those combined cases was whether prior admittance into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program, commonly known as ARD, would be considered a prior conviction for sentencing purposes enhancement. That is, would a more severe sentence be imposed, if the person involved was convicted of a subsequent driving under the influence offense?

ARD is a program that allows an offender to be placed on probation, and in most cases lose their driving privileges for a short period. If that person completes that program successfully they then have their criminal arrest record expunged. The program has, up until now, always counted as a conviction for sentencing purposes if the offender was later sentenced for a subsequent driving under the influence charge.

Because the United States Supreme Court has decided cases that require “facts” that would increase sentences be decided by a jury and because ARD is by its very nature not a “conviction” the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled that a prior ARD could not be considered “enhanced” or increase the sentence for a later or subsequent DUI.

The Chichkin and Roche cases are monumentally important! Individuals with prior ARDs for DUIs will no longer be punished more severely for a subsequent DUI. Since ARD is a program that can only be initiated on the motion of the District Attorney, the question then becomes, what will District Attorneys across the Commonwealth do? Will they no longer offer ARD for DUI offenders? That appears, as of right now, to be their exclusive right.  The District Attorney has broad discretion regarding who is offered the program. Will the conservative legislature of Pennsylvania interfere and pass laws that would make ARD clearly a conviction for sentencing purposes? Will such laws be unconstitutional?

At Davis and Davis we have experience in dealing with changes in the law and we have been doing so since 1976. Since we first opened our doors, we have been vigorously arguing for and protecting the rights of people hurt in accidents or hurt at work, but also of individuals accused of a crime. Here, we believe in the presumption of innocence. You know that if you are hurt we can help and we want you to know that if you are accused of a crime, before you make any statement, call us!

Worker suffers fatal personal injury in accident on the job

Pennsylvanians who work can find themselves the victim of a work accident that results in personal injury. For many, these injuries are so severe that the person dies. These tragic incidents can have a severely negative impact on surviving family members. While a legal filing will not bring back a lost loved one, one of these claims can help a surviving family move forward and potentially recover compensation for all that they have lost. Having help from an experienced attorney is one of the most important factors for a successful case, and one local family may need that assistance now.

A late-morning accident on a gas and oil well site led to the death of a worker. The accident happened at approximately 11:15 a.m. Law enforcement was called to the scene to investigate. When they arrived, they found a 60-year-old man injured. He and the rest of the crew were loading a truck with steel pipe and other equipment used for drilling when the man was hit by a pipe that came loose. Medical personnel, members of the fire department, and a helicopter went to the site to assist. They tried to treat the man at the scene, but he was declared dead.

Pennsylvania pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle accidents rising

Pedestrians are at risk of being injured in motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania and across the nation. With the number of drivers who are distracted behind the wheel, operating their vehicles in a reckless manner, under the influence, or drowsy, pedestrians must take great care when they are crossing the street and even walking on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, even the most cautious people can be injured or lose their lives in a pedestrian accident.

A new study shows that Pennsylvania had a substantial rise in fatal pedestrian crashes in 2018. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), there was an increase in pedestrian deaths of 41 percent in the first six months of the year when compared to the same period the year before. This trend is not limited to Pennsylvania. Across the U.S., pedestrians are dying in motor vehicle accidents at a troubling rate.

State nursing homes sanctioned for personal injury and danger

For Pennsylvanians who make the difficult decision to put a loved one in a nursing home, the goal is to help that person receive the attention and care he or she needs. This treatment can be medical or therapeutic in nature, meant simply to allow them to live their lives in safety and in as good of health as is possible. Whether the person is old and infirm, ill, has a condition or handicap, or is facing any other issue, nursing homes are supposed to help them and their loved ones.

Unfortunately, there are frequently problems in these facilities ranging from physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, theft, and failure to provide medical care as it is needed. For those who think their loved one was mistreated in a nursing home and suffered personal injury, seeking assistance from a qualified attorney is the logical step to take to find accountability. This may be especially true when an injury or death is caused by violation of a state or federally-imposed regulation.

Worker caught between trains might need workers' compensation

Workplace injuries are, unfortunately, common in Pennsylvania. This is true no matter what kind of job a person does. People who work in an office or perform their duties under sedentary circumstances can be injured just as often as people who work in physical jobs. However, those who are around heavy equipment, need to make lifting movements to go about their duties, must use heavy tools, or are around vehicles are in daily jeopardy of being injured in a workplace accident. These incidences often result in injuries and fatalities.

A worker may need to do just that after he was injured when he was caught between train cars and a vehicle. The incident occurred at a cement plant and resulted in a train derailing. The accident happened just after 12 p.m. The man, a conductor, was exiting the train when a vehicle that moves train cars - known as a shuttle wagon - hit him. Two of the cars derailed after the crash. The man was trapped, and first responders needed to use the jaws of life to get him loose. He was hospitalized. The investigation into the accident is continuing.

Woman injured in car accident

Motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning in Uniontown and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania. This is especially true in the winter when it gets dark early, people are cold and in a rush to get to their destination, and slippery roads are a fact of life. What should be remembered about these crashes is that there is a wide range of outcomes and people can suffer life-changing injuries and death when they are involved in one. Since these crashes can be so problematic, understanding the importance of legal assistance to consider a lawsuit after an accident can be the difference between being adequately compensated and having financial issues due to circumstances out of one's own control.

A woman needed to be flown to the hospital for treatment after she was injured in a two-vehicle crash. The accident happened when the woman and her mother were leaving a vehicle dealership in a new Ford Escape. The Ford crashed into a PennDOT truck when the truck pulled in front of her at an intersection. The mother had minor injuries. The driver was hospitalized. The driver of the truck was not injured. Law enforcement investigators believe that the PennDOT driver was responsible. He said he did not see the Ford. Officers said the women were fortunate as the injuries could have been worse, even fatal. The investigation is continuing.

Know the basics of workers' compensation in Pennsylvania

When a Pennsylvanian is injured on the job, there will be inevitable concerns as to what they will do about lost wages and getting the medical treatment needed to return to health. This is where workers' compensation benefits are imperative. However, many workers are unware of even the basics about workers' compensation. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. Not knowing about the benefits they are entitled to and how to get them does not mean that a worker cannot get them. However, it is key to first understand the basics.

Workers' compensation is a law that provides workers with money for their medical care and wage loss. These benefits last until an injured individual can return to work. There are other benefits people can get through this program, including death benefits for family members. Just about all Pennsylvania workers are eligible to obtain workers' compensation as employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance for employees.

Experienced guidance for car accident victims

Open the door, turn the keys, hit the road, arrive at your destination - it's the same day after day. Unfortunately, that simple routine can be shattered in an instant when a negligent driver causes a serious car accident. With the physical and mental anguish in involved, handling the aftermath of these types of incidents is not recommended. Instead, seeking the assistance of an experience attorney can help you proceed in a positive manner.

Common mistakes while filing a workers’ compensation claim

If you believe one of the many myths surrounding Pennsylvania workers’ compensation, those misconceptions can cost you. Some employers or their insurance companies misunderstand their own plans, or intentionally try to mislead their employees to intimidate them and prevent them from filing a claim.

If you or a loved one needs to file a workers’ compensation claim, don’t fall prey to these common mistakes.

Workplace hazards are a problem in hospitals

Hospitals should be a place where injuries and illnesses are cured. Unfortunately, for the staff, they are where injuries and illnesses begin.

Even compared to industries that are commonly deemed unsafe, such as construction or manufacturing, hospitals remain one of the most hazardous places to work. U.S. hospitals recorded 6.8 work-related injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time employees, nearly twice the rate of all private industries.

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