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Social Media Can Impact Your Divorce, Custody or Support Case

It's common practice today to use social media and social networking sites for interacting, fun and just plain venting. Facebook and Twitter are among the top social media sites used by people to express their daily thoughts. They vent to the cyber world about pet peeves, life's injustices, and, at times, about their soon to be ex-wife or ex-husband. Often people who are in the process of a divorce, child custody and/or support action thoughtlessly lay their life out on social media through the internet or in blogs without considering the consequences. Certainly, social media may be entertaining and informative, if properly used, but when you are in the process of obtaining a divorce, or in the heat of a child custody dispute, or are seeking or having to pay spousal or child support, it can be damaging if used irresponsibility. Typically, social media posts can negatively impact your case when used as follows:

1. Posting pictures of major purchases such as fancy cars or motorcycles and other luxury items or posting pictures of lavish vacations, parties or dinners, especially if support or property distribution is an issue in your case; 2. Bragging about your crazy Saturday night out when you were supposed to have custody of your children; 3. Any post referencing marijuana or other drugs or alcohol or talking about a "party" life style, even if the post does not include you can negatively impact custody issues; 4. Posting a profile on dating or other web sites seeking any kind of"hook-ups"; 5. Posting provocative pictures of yourself or others - this can be especially damaging during custody matters; 6. Updating your status about your new girlfriend or new boyfriend especially when your divorce is not finalized; 7. Maintaining a profile on a dating web site as "single, with no kids," when you are not single, or when you are seeking custody of your children; 8. Posting about your new girlfriend or boyfriend and showing off gifts you bought him or her could result in allegations that you are disapating marital assets or using money that you are receiving in support but not attending to your children's needs, during divorce or support actions; 9. Talking about the judge or opposing lawyer in your case can have damaging repercussions because people are human; 10. Posting threats or veiled threats especially if you are accused of having anger management issues. Remember everything that you post remains forever and your soon to be ex-wife or ex-husband can individually, or through a network of friends , print out your postings and use them against you! It is silly to give them ammunition and more importantly extremely damaging. This is especially true if you have not advised your lawyer about your post and the first time he or she sees them is in court. Remember what you post can effect you and your family ' s future and often innocent posts can be misconstrued so the best way of dealing with social media when you are involved in litigation is to stop. There will be a time in the not too distant future when the litigation is over and perhaps even the bitterness has subsided. At that point you can utilize social media again but, until that time comes, be very, very careful. If you need help with your divorce or custody and support actions, we are here for you. We have been practicing since 1976 and we will be honored to allow our experience work for you.

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