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Top Three Reasons Why A Prenup May Save Your Marriage

A prenuptial agreement has become the most misunderstood legal term of all. When we hear the word prenup we think divorce for the very rich, greed and selfishness. What we do not hear is how many prenuptial agreements have saved countless marriages, the very poor marriages and the very rich marriages.


Being in love is the best thing in the world. At the beginning we are all starry eyed, and we do not think our partner can do any wrong. But the Cinderella stories are called fairytales for a reason. Fairytale love does exist but in order to make it last forever, you should be prepared for the many obstacles that will come your way. A prenuptial agreement may sound like you are dooming the marriage, but you may just be doing the opposite. Signing a prenup is like getting pre-marriage counseling. This process sounds scary. But, it actually can bring a couple much closer together. You concur the fear of divorce and separation right on, and you will get to know each other even better than before. What is a prenup? A prenuptial agreement, also known as an antenuptial agreement, is a written contract meant for two people who are going to get married. It sets out terms of personal beliefs, future earnings, assets, and children. A prenup covers a wide variety of things. What it can cover 1) Religion/Children Interfaith marriages are often the most exciting ones! You can have Chrismukkah parties and very eccentric weddings. However, after children come along it can be much more challenging than you expected. For example: One person is Jewish and their partner is a devout Christian. They plan on raising their children both Jewish and Christian. But after her first child comes along, the Christian decides they want their child to be 100% Christian. Luckily religion and spirituality were covered in the couple's prenup. They already discussed ways they will handle this challenge, if it were to come along. The couple can refer to this agreement when they are working through this battle. 2) Addiction In 2014, approximately 14.5 million struggled with substance abuse. No matter how long you or your partner have been sober or clean, it is very possible both of you can have a slip. When writing your prenuptial agreement your section on Addiction discussed how you would handle this problem. Maybe you decided you would not handle it at all. In your prenup you decided you would not put up with any alcoholism if it were to happen. Therefore, your spouse is forced to get medical help immediately. The prenup did not just save your marriage; it saved your spouse's life. 3) Finance and property In order to get married you need to buy a marriage license. So, in order to get married you need to have a little money. Maybe you have a lot of money . Maybe one of you has a lot of money, and the other does not. A prenuptial agreement will discuss fairly how you will spend your money. Financial concerns should be addressed. Maybe you want to purchase a home together. Maybe you want to purchase individual homes. Maybe you want to buy a cat form China! However you want to save and spend your money is your own personal business. Having it in legal writing will ensure that. For example: You promised yourself if you had a daughter you would purchase her a surprise car for her 18th birthday. But you have no idea how exactly to save for that car. Good news! The money was set aside for her future convertible and, on her 18th birthday, she will get her surprise! So maybe a prenuptial agreement is a good idea! While going through the process you will most likely gain more respect and gratitude for your partner. After all, marriage is all about compromise. ​​​​​​​ If you have any questions and are interested in prenuptial agreements, please contact Davis and Davis. We will make the process easy for you and help prepare you for a long lasting marriage.

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