Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle enthusiasts love the feeling of taking a ride on the open road. If you are a biker, you get that not much else can top the feeling of the wind at your back while taking in Pennsylvania's scenery. It's not just a mode of transportation — it's a lifestyle.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists do face risks on the road, most due to the negligence of others. A crash with a vehicle can cause a biker injury such as broken bones, head and brain injuries, or death. Common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Distracted drivers — In the age of the smartphone, there is perhaps no greater risk to bikers than someone behind the wheel who is looking at a phone rather than the road ahead. Motorcycles already can be hard to see because of their size, so adding distraction to the mix can be a deadly combination. A car versus motorcycle crash may cause minimal damage to a vehicle and minor injuries to the driver, but it is a much more serious matter for the rider.
  • Hazardous roads — Problems on the road such as potholes can result in a biker losing control of the motorcycle.
  • Defective parts — Bad brakes and tires can cause motorcycle accidents.
  • Fog and geography — This area of Pennsylvania can be prone to fog, which can cause other drivers not to see a rider.

Does Pennsylvania Law Require Helmets?

Under the law, those 21 and older who have completed a safety course are not required to wear a helmet.

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